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Monday, January 4, 2010

Twas the Season...

Well, I can't exactly say 'tis the season' anymore can I? So, 'twas the season' it is! I missed grabbing photos of some of our traditional activities at Christmas, but I did manage a few here and there. We missed a few events due to last minute cancellations and some health issues with the kids. (among a few, we had our first 'break'...Olivia broke her nose...nope no pics) We did ice skating, lots of visiting, Christmas get the drift. One of many favourite traditions is Christmas brunch with the Friesen family. We alternate houses each year and do brunch and gifts. This year I had to work on Christmas Eve day so we bumped our brunch to Dec 23 and had dinner instead. It was so nice to take a few minutes and sit down to a meal with good friends. The kids had fun exchanging did I:) So here's a few pics of our not-so-brunch supper. As you can see, the Friesen girls loved their aprons, and my kids loved their goodies too!

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