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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's all in the packaging...

I have to admit it...I chose this bottle of wine almost entirely because of the label...I'm such a sucker! Ok, well now I'll defend myself and also say that I do love fruit wine, and I have been to the winery that makes this particular wine, but it was mostly for the label. There's something about the packaging that makes us buy stuff isn't there? I'm the kinda gal who appreciates an aesthetically pleasing fact, I'm sure that if I did one of those tests that says what I'd be good at it would be something along these lines...maybe not wine bottles, but something. I read the back of this wine bottle and it says that the label was inspired by vintage fruit crate labels. Well, it's kind of a nothing post, but at least now I can always come back and look at this cute label without buying the wine again...because in all honesty...we thought it was so-so.


  1. No surprise that you'd buy a bottle of alcohol that says "bite me"... I definately appreciate your uniqueness (I wanted to put spunk - is that appropriate?) :)

  2. and you didn't share? i'm shocked Andrea :p

  3. Can I come over to share that with you??? I could definitely use it today!

  4. ah, sorry's gone to the last drop. And Tillie, I much prefer spunky to unique so no worries there:) Next time a pop a bottle I'll give ya'll a call:)


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