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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scrap Project...

A while back Kim and I decided to do a project made completely out of scraps. There's something really satisfying about using up a bunch of small pieces of fabric, that you probably could've just thrown away, to make a completed project. So...Kim upended her scrap bin and I dug out mine and we got to work. We cut all the scraps into small squares and proceeded to sew a ton of triangles! It was a nit-picky kind of project but a great one to do over a cup of coffee and visit with a friend. In the end I ended up going with pinwheels and made this square table topper. It will look great on my table! It turned out to be quite large. The only part of the project that wasn't scraps were the borders. Kim was kind enough to stipple it for me to give it that antique look. I'm so happy with how it turned out.... I did a rough calculation and there's well over 200 pieces of fabric in this project!

Monday, September 28, 2009

1st Haircut!

So, I have to admit, I didn't realize how long Isaac's hair was getting until I heard a few too many know...the "oh, are you growing his hair out?"...and the, "you have old man hair don'tcha buddy?" and then there were the two girls sitting behind us in church having an argument about whether or not he was a boy or a girl. Time for a haircut. I have to say, I'm not used to this yet...with the girls I just let it grow and I have to drag hubby kicking and screaming (well, ok, not really, but close) to the barber. So, all of the sudden the light-bulb came on and I realized, oh...he really needs a trim! So...we bathed him and sat him in front of the mirror. He wouldn't have anything to do with a towel around him and proceeded to bat away my hands every time I tried to get near his head. I finally gave him a new toothbrush with a bit of toothpaste on it and it seemed to keep him somewhat occupied. Needless to say, it was an exercise in patience...not one of my greatest virtues! So it's done. He looks so adorable...not because of my 'hack job' but because he looks a little more like a little boy now and not such a baby! I saved his hair, of course, and some of those locks are 2" long! Next time we won't wait so long...and next time, someone else can do it!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Puppy Update...

There's 8 of em'. We've got boys, we've got girls, we've got long haired, we've got short haired, we've got black, we've got brown, we've got mixed...but most of all...we've got toooo many puppies! I shared in a previous post about the birth of these little guys (here), and now here we are 6 weeks later. The puppies are super energetic and love all the attention they can get! Well, it's time for us to think about finding homes for the pups. A friend of mine works at a vet clinic and knows lots about animals and where to find good homes for them. Heather's going to give us a hand and I am so thankful because I wouldn't know where to start! We've done this once before but it seemed like last time everyone came to us by word of mouth...I don't think we'd be as lucky this time around! We are going to keep one but which one is the question? Rob and I are leaning towards the little black guy with the brown markings...he reminds me of a shepherd or maybe he has a little rotty in him. Either way...he's a cutie. Olivia is in love with 'Jack'. Jack is the little black one with the white chin. These are going to be big dogs by the looks of things! So, soon they'll have their shots and checkups then off they go...this is getting too expensive!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Fair...

Kim and I did our annual Campbell Valley Fall Fair Sale this past weekend. The weather cooperated for the most part and we had fun hangin' out and meeting new and 'old' friends. We worked hard to get ready and we had fun setting up a booth that was fall themed and enticing for people to walk through. One of the fun parts of doing a weekend like this is when our families come out and join the fun. The kids loved watching the magicians, making/flying kites, petting the Ilamas and having a ride in an old fashioned buggy pulled by the beautiful horses! I'll show individual projects later, but here's an overview of our weekend!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harvest Time...

It's been such a long while since I've posted. I have lots that I could be posting on but can't seem to find the time to get er' done! Today is the official first day of fall and although the days are getting shorter we've still had some beautiful weather here. Many of you have gardens that are bursting forth with fruit and veggies....not me. BUT, I have a few friends and acquaintances who do and I have been lucky enough to reap the seeds that they took time to sew! I got a bushel full of prune plums from one friend which we've enjoyed immensely! Rob keeps bringing home bags of beautiful veggies from a dear, sweet couple who is neighbors to one of our farms. They've even started stopping by for visits and hanging more bags of veggies on our gate with notes claiming that they're from 'Joey', their horse!
This past week a wonderful woman from our church gave me the last of her damsen plums from her tree. She told us that she'd saved them just for us but we needed to use her tall ladder and that Rob should come and climb it! It was a beautiful day...we got buckets of plums and some wonderful visiting time with Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a woman I so admire. She has been widowed for many years now but still manages a huge property (full of fruit trees) and balances it with the daily life of farming. Elizabeth is a strong, strong woman of God and is not shy about challenging you to give your all to the Lord. She has taught me many things from her Mennonite to make borscht, how to make plum jam, to never shy away from hard work and how to trust God for EVERYTHING ! She's my kind of gal! She makes no excuses for herself or anyone else! Well, Elizabeth...I did it, I made the jam..with a few tips from Tillie too! This jam will be used sparingly due to the amount of work involved and also because it is used in a cookie recipe at Christmastime that my hubby loves! It's been fun to use up all these fruits and veggies that I wouldn't necessarily go out and buy on my own (like beets!) So thanks, my friends, for your goods and for your friendships!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daddy's Helper...

Recently Rob had a little plumbing job to do under our kitchen sink and Isaac was VERY anxious to lend a helping hand! We couldn't keep him out of there! Future plumber? Maybe. If so, then I'd better teach him young to wear a belt. No plumbers butt for my baby!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Creative gifts...

So among the oodles of gift cards that I got for my b-day (that I'm looking soooo forward to spending) I also received these 2 lovely gifts. When a friend gives me a gift like one of these it's a great sign that they know me well. For me, receiving a kit or a stack of coordinating fabric is only part of the gift...I get to be creative and imagine what I'll do to make the project mine. Then, there's the fact that I get to take some quiet time, once the kids are in bed of course, and sit, put some tunes on and go to my happy place! So, thanks Cindy & Rhonda for these great gifts! It'll be awhile before you see the finished products but you'll see em'! Cindy & Rhonda were part of a group of gals that took me to the local cupcake hangout to celebrate my b-day....mmmm, it was a fun, and yummy, day! So, thanks Cindy for the great Cheryl Wall kit...Cheryl is one of my fav designers...and thanks Rhonda for the oh so yummy charm pack of fall fabrics....fall is my favorite!

Monday, September 7, 2009

B-day for the Books...

I had a superb birthday this year! The celebrations started before the actual day and didn't seem to end for the following 2 weeks. Why? I dunnno! It's not like 34 is a super celebratory kind of age, but hey, who am I to argue? There was hot Starbucks delivered to my door on the actual day by my bestest friend, tons of flowers, cards and gifties, cakes...tooo many cakes, family dinners, staff party (which included a memorable birthday rap) and time spent with great friends. I didn't get pictures of all the fun events but I did grab a few of this one. These are some of my most wonderful friends in the world. These gals took me out for a night on the town in Whiterock and we made just a few more memories for the books....and oh, did we laugh...ooooohhh, did we laugh!
p.s....we missed you Christa & Tam!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Second Beach...

Rob had this past week off and we took lots of time to do things as a family! It was hard not to book the week up with errands and projects but we did it. Lots of relaxing. Unfortunately I came down with my first, and hopefully last, cold of the season. I was frustrated at not having energy and not being able to sleep well, but at least hubby was home to help. Our friends, The Friesens, have been raving all this summer and last about Second Beach out in Stanley Park. We finally decided to see for ourselves. We called the Friesens and they took a day off to join us. We made the drive out to Vancouver without too much delay and spent the day kickin' back and relaxin. Unfortunately we didn't have a super warm day but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Second Beach is a huge, heated pool that's right next to the ocean. The kids had a blast in the water! I even bit the bullet and swam in the pool. Swimming has never been one of my favorite goes back to my childhood when I could never see a darned thing in the pool without my glasses. Hope you enjoy the pics...