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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Such a Sweet, Sweet Heart...

That's our Olivia. Olivia has always been such a sweet girl. She's soft spoken, gentle in nature and such a helper. I don't know what I'd do without her. She's creative and artsy, curious and clever, sensitive, and at times stubborn, but most of all, a beloved daughter. Rob and I were so pleased to get a call from Olivia's teacher a couple of weeks ago telling us that Olivia would be the recipient of a Student Of the Month Award. Olivia attends a traditional school. People always ask what this means...I describe King Traditional as a school that puts equal emphasis on morals and academics. The staff are committed to quality academic time and are able to carry it out by emphasizing respect and responsibility with the children. The kids are taught to be respectful of each other and their 'elders'. We personally chose King Traditional because we felt it was very much in line with what we want to teach our children here in our home. Each month the school focuses on a virtue of the month. It could be responsibility, justice, etc. The virtue of the month for December was kindness. The class is open to write out nominations of who they think is deserving of the award and they have to give a reason why. Olivia received several nominations for the award by fellow classmates. She received a prize, a picture with fellow award students, and a lovely card from her teacher, along with the written nominations from her peers. It was so special to see her receive an award and a commendation by her teacher. Way to go Olivia, we are so proud of you!


  1. Good job Livi, that is an amazing accolade to receive and to be recognized by teachers and students alike is awesome.

    Keep up the kindness girl!

  2. Live, you deserve this award! You are a schweet heart and I love you lots!
    Love Auntie Kim

  3. congrats to her!! and great job mom

  4. That is wonderful. She so deserves it!


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