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Monday, March 30, 2009

Wild Thing...I Know I Love You...

Bad Hair Day? Oh no, this is a good hair day! We took advantage of the sun rays yesterday and took pics of our little man with his oh-so-wild hair. Everyone comments on how crazy Isaac's hair looks. It kind of has a mohawk look to it. There's lots of hair, it's just really fair. After a bath it all stands straight up. I remember taking similar pics of Olivia when she was a baby. My mom says my hair was exactly the same as Isaac's. She used to put little pink rubber curlers in my hair to get it to curl instead of stand straight up! We tried to find those curlers when Olivia was little but Mom couldn't remember if she'd saved them...well, the other day I found a bag that contained some items from when I was a baby and guess what was in the bag? Yup, the curlers...only now I don't have a baby girl to try them out on. It's so tempting to just try one in Isaac's hair....nope, can't do it, Daddy would have a fit! Have I mentioned how I love this little man? More than I can say! I love his funky hair....he can keep it forever as far I'm concerned:)

The Big 0-4!

This past month we celebrated Abby's 4th Birthday. She had been anticipating this day for a loooooooong time! She started asking people to her birthday party last fall already...just ask Uncle Ken, he recieved a birthday invite almost every week leading up to the big day.
Now if you've met my little Abby you'll know what a character she is. She keeps me running all day! You never quite know what's going to come out of her mouth...taking her to town is quite an adventure! But, in amongst all this craziness there is a beautiful person that I know our Heavenly Father created just for me (us). God gave us this special girl knowing that we could recognize her quick wit and sense of humour, her love for life and her need to question everything in life! She really is a mini-me....did I drive my mother this crazy???? I love her to death for the unique and wonderful girl she is.
It took her almost a full year to make up her mind about what kind of cake she wanted. She changed her mind every day for the 2 weeks leading up to the party, but in the end she wanted Cinderella. Easy enough right? Nope, harderst character cake I've ever done. I don't do faces...can't draw them, can't ice em'. I gave it my best and this is how she came out....not bad, except we joked that she looked like she had a botox treatment on her lips right before she showed up for the party!
She enjoyed her party so much with all her cousins and grandparents, uncles and aunts.

Part of my goal as a Mom is to create special memories for my kids, but most importantly to show them how much I love them, and, believe it or not, a Cinderella cake is just one more way!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Orders Up....

I was on a roll with orders until life decided to throw a curve ball, or 2 my way. About 3 weeks ago I came down with a brutal cold which then led to fever, chills, stomach flu, hospital visit, and eventually, sinus infection. I was down and out for the count for almost 3 weeks but am happy to report that all is got all kinds of bugs too but we're all good now. I gave the house a good disinfecting so let's hope that's it for us for awhile!
Anyway...all of that to say that my orders were put back a little as a result. I couldn't deliver the ones I had done because we did not want to pass this flu on to anyone else, and I didn't have the energy to complete the ones that needed finishing. Well all is good now....the set of 3 aprons for mom and girls is in the hands of some happy customers. I'll have to get a pic of them all wearing them and show it off to you down the road...they turned out sooo cute, if I do say so myself:)

For today, here's some pics of a larger order I did for a friend. It started with the quilt which was almost done when she saw it, then I personalized it for her adorable little girl by stitching her name on the border, and then made some matching crib sheets to go with it all. The crib sheets were a first for me! Although they were a little picky, in the end I was really happy with how they turned fact, so happy that I may just make a few for my little guy! I'm in the market for some vintage aiplane fabric if you see any.
Hope everyone is healthy in your home....
bye for now.

My Little Man.... not so little anymore! Isaac has been such a wonderful addition to our family. I have truly enjoyed every moment with him....he's even pleasant when he's sick, he's just such a joy. Some days it seems like it can hardly be almost 9 months already but then I realize that I have spent time with him everyday for each of those months and have seen
him grow and learn. He is such a snuggly little guy.
His whole face lights up when he sees his Daddy every day and he also has a special love for his
Grandpa, which is equally returned of course! These latest pictures are of Isaac sitting up (finally) and also sleeping in his favorite chair...he loves this little chair and he rocks it all around the house by kicking his feet up and down...I've gotta get that on video!!! Isaac is taking his time in the mobility department and I am just FINE with means not having to babyproof the house for a little longer...but more importantly.....he stays my 'baby' for just a little longer. Oh how I love this little boy!