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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Milestone to Mark...

Last September my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary!  This is truly a remarkable milestone in today's world.  The fact that this couple has honoured each other's vows and treated each other in a way that has encouraged their relationship is truly worth noting.  I find it so amazing that my parents continue to be role models for me in my adulthood.  I just thought that once I was married I'd find my own way and not 'need' their example as much.  Watching them go through life together, through the ups and downs and continue to treat each other with love and respect and to keep growing together, is an added blessing to my life.

I really wanted to do something special for them for their anniversary.  They aren't really big 'party' people and I already pulled that on them for their 25th, so it needed to be something unique. 
While I don't claim to have 'arrived' in the world of quilting, it is a hobby I love.  It's a hobby that allows me to turn a quilt into a labour of love.  This quilt was TRULY a labour of love for my parents.  I started in aaaaages ago.  In fact there's a few blog posts way back to prove it! ( here, here, here, and even here)
But finally, FINALLY, it was completed.  Not quite in time for their actual anniversary, but not too far behind.  
This quilt is a pattern by a local quilter by the name of Cheryl Wall.  Cheryl is a wonderful, gentle soul who designs quilts with such character.  Thanks Cheryl!  This particular quilt pattern is called 'Village Sampler'.  I knew it would be something my parents would enjoy.  To add my own mark on the quilt I incorporated nicknames, initials, birth dates, and anniversaries of my parents, Rob & I and the kiddos, and my brother, all over the quilt.  
This was the very, very, very first quilt I've ever had professionally quilted!  (insert cheering and applause here)  This is a BIG moment people!  I bundled this quilt and another (I'll blog that one soon) up and headed out to my dear friend Rhonda of Quilted Cats Hideaway.   I didn't know what to expect.  I knew she'd have to custom quilt it, as there is a lot of different themes going on in the quilt.  I had NO idea she'd put endless hours and love into going the extra mile to make this quilt truly unique! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the finished product.  The amount of long arm quilting on this quilt is phenomenal.  Thank you Rhonda! Rhonda did a special post on her blog with some wonderful close ups of her quilting on this quilt...check it out here.

Happy Anniversary Dad & Mom.  Know that every stitch was made with love for you both.  I am truly blessed to be your daughter.  Does anyone have a kleenex....?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Canada Day Eh!

Long time no blog.  I thought I'd start current and work my way backwards (and forwards) if I can!
Summer is here and what better way than to kick it off with Canada Day.
As per our usual, we met up with friends for the parade and then finished the day off with a BBQ and headed off to the fireworks.
This year I stood in front of my closet and wondered...'what do I have to wear that is red?'  I had bought a Canada Day t-shirt only to get it home and realize it had a flaw.  I took it back and didn't bother picking another one up.  So...I stood there going through my closet and wondering..'what do I usually wear on Canada day?'  Then the lightbulb went on!  I ALWAYS wear my red Roots hoodie that proudly displays my country's name and maple leaf.  Problem:  for the first time in ages, it was unusually hot for July 1st!  So hot, that a hoodie was out of the question!  
All of that to say that it was a HOT, SCORCHING Canada day!  I felt bad for the marching band all decked out in their black marching uniforms and hats!!!  On the other hand, I was thankful for the firefighters and their water supply that they shared with us!
Great Country...Great day...Great memories...As usual! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Till' The Cows Came Home...

When we had our first child,  Rob's Dad gifted her with her very own calf.  Now, to a non farming family that may sound odd, but to this farming family it was an honour.  When our second daughter was born she too was given a calf.  This was an extra special gift since Dad passed away suddenly a few months after his second grandaughter was born.  The girls have been able to raise their calves into full grown mamas and been able to see them start their own herd.  Often we will ship the girls' calves in the fall and we tuck the money away into a special account for the girls.  This year, we reserved one of their calves to give to our son so he can start his own herd.  We know Opa would've done this if he had been here.  These are his farm grandkids, continuing his legacy.  Up until this year our cows have always lived over at the main farm, but this year we have brought them home!  We are so excited to have our own herd here at our acreage.  Rob spent some time getting all the fencing up and strong as I do NOT enjoy chasing cows all over the neighbourhood!  So our cows are here and happy.  They are growing nice and fat on the fresh green grass and any compost scraps I throw their way!  The best part is seeing the kids run to the fields and call...'Come on, Come on, Come on!' and see their cows run up to greet them.  Opa would be proud.  

A big shout out to 'Zomar'..our favourite cattle moving man!
Here come the Herefords!
Home at Last!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting there...

I'm sure ya'll are getting tired of me posting swoon blocks, but hey, I luv em'!  Remember THIS pile of scraps and squares...well I finally transformed them into these.  I still have a bunch more to go and I'm not sure how I'm going to lay them all out and quilt them, but I'll figure it out when I get there.  I'm not nearly done with these swoon blocks...I'm gonna keep trying till I get the perfect quilt!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Custom Order...

Although I've somehow wandered away from the 'primitive' type colours of quilting,  (there's just too much fun new fabric out there!) I still get an order here and there for creations in the traditional colours.  This was a custom order I completed awhile back but it never made it to my blog.  This is a pattern by our local quilting sweetheart, Cheryl Wall.  I've made this pattern a few times now...although if I recall correctly, one time (years ago) I made a set of these for a relative and they all fell apart in the wash!!!  I never did figure out what the heck happened, but I think we narrowed it down to faulty thread that time.  Anyway...I'm happy to say that these came together, and stayed together, just fine!  These are pieced and embroidered one stitch at a time!  The embroidery states: 'Love makes a house a home'.  How true.

One of Cheryl's amazing books:

One piece at a time....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

We had a special time celebrating Mom this Mother's Day.  My mom is truly worth celebrating.  We didn't do anything fancy, just a supper here at our place.  My bro brought Mom a beautiful HUGE bouquet of flowers, and we gave her a huge moss hanging basket!  She went home with a lot of flowers!  My Mom  is continually committed to her family.  She prays for us, keeps in close touch with us, defends us, loves us, and always puts us before herself.  She loves her children equally and finds joy in her relationship with all of us.  She is truly a wonderful example to raise my family by.  My Mom is one of my dearest friends.  We laugh together, shop together, cook together, holiday together, coffee together, and the list goes on.  My Mom is a phenomenal Grandmother.  My kids love my Mom (and Dad too..but hey, this is a Mother's Day post!)  The kids know that Grandma is always on their side.  My mom makes a deliberate effort to make time us and for our kids and it shows in the way our children love her.   So Mom, know that you are so loved, and that we treasure every moment with you! You are a beautiful woman.  Really, Truly, Beautiful.

We did a BBQ style meal.  I made yummy ribs..they're a 'little' bit of work but SO worth it!  We topped it all off with strawberry shortcake!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Evening to Remember...

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of taking some amazing people out for a night on the town.  A year ago hubby had a terrible injury on the farm and nearly lost a few fingers.  Through surgery, extensive physiotherapy, and much, much prayer, he not only kept all his fingers, but has regained a lot of use in them!  When this injury happened we were at a very crucial time frame at the farm.  We had barns that needed to be prepped and birds that needed to be moved.  That time in our lives was traumatic and devastating, but we were so blessed by those people in our lives who truly love us and supported us in our time of need.  We had more help than we knew what to do with both on and off the farm!  You can read a little more about that HERE.  
Well, it's hard to believe that over a year has passed, but we wanted to make sure these special people realized just how blessed we were/are by their love and sacrifice.  It took us a long time to find a date that worked for everyone, but we did it!  So, we booked a restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean and spent a wonderful evening with these folks.  The sky was the limit for this dinner.  The food was amazing, and the fellowship made for a memorable evening.  Once we were done dinner we strolled along the boardwalk and pier.  We are so blessed to call these people our friends.  So, friends, if you're reading this, know that we will never forget your kindness.  We will never forget who was really there for us when it came down to it.  We will cherish our friendships with you.  I thoroughly enjoyed my meal on this wonderful evening...after all, I worked my butt off both on and off the farm during that crazy time too!
Here's a few snapshots of the evening...oh, and my must mention note:  NO, I am NOT 7 months preggers in these pictures..this was obviously just a wardrobe malfunction!  Sheesh..I really loved that blouse when I bought it, but I'm having second thoughts....