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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's a Village, People

January is always an inspiring time of year for me. I get this sudden urge to start spring cleaning early, clean out closets, wash draperies, etc. Last week I painted a room and it felt sooo good! One of my other 'urges' is to create. I start getting ideas about starting all these things that I want to make, instead of the latter half of the year when I make all the things I need to make, or things that will sell at craft sales. Kim and I each must have a list a mile long of projects we've always wanted to do for ourselves. Well, we did it...we chose one and started! This project is a quilt called "Village Sampler" by a local designer, Cheryl Wall. We love Cheryl! We've been to her house plenty of times and she's been to ours! It's so great to meet inspiring people! I love looking at Cheryl's wall where she begins the process of piecing a new pattern together. Anyway, this quilt is made up of all different blocks that make up the village. Kim and I are taking a block a week and we're going to do this thing! Last week we started with the court house and I was surprised at how big it is! I still have to add the stairs and grass before this block is finished. Today we're starting the schoolhouse block next to the courthouse. We try to do as much of the piece cutting as we can before we get together, otherwise we'd never get it done in a day! I love my creative days with Kim...we grab a good coffee, put the tunes on, and solve the world's problems while we sew;) I hope to post each block as we go and then, eventually, the finished product!


  1. Ok, so I JUST got the "Village People" title... duh! I seem to be a little bit slower than usual, maybe this cutting back on coffee isn't the right thing after all!

  2. I found a link to your blog on Kimberly's blog. I am interested in your quilt project with the buildings. I think I have done only one of this designer's patterns but like so many of them. I enjoyed seeing your block.


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