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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Here Is The Church, Here Is The Steeple...

You can't open the doors, and there are no people"..but it's still a pretty little church! Kim and I got together yesterday to work on the next block in our Village Sampler Quilt by Cheryl Wall. These blocks are turning out to be huge! The finished measurements for the quilt are 69" x 83" ( which is approx 5.75' x 7'). The church block has a LOT of pieces in rough count was 102 scraps of fabric...all sewn together to make a picture. It's a very satisfying project to do...but it has it's moments of frustration, like when my measurements don't quite match up etc. It's fun to see how the quilts are coming together. I still have to add the flowers to the 'grass' under the church. We have about 7 more blocks to go and then the borders go on and the quilting starts! We are having a great time doing this together. The music is on, the coffee is hot and the visiting is plenty. I love that I can be home with the kids for most of the week, having friends in our home and doing the things I love. The pictures show The Courthouse, The Schoolhouse, and now The Church. Stay tuned for the 'Park Block' next.


  1. I guess I need to get going on my nine-patch blocks now... you've passed me!

    It looks great and I'm loving Tuesday mornings!

  2. you are making some quick work of that quilt. Looks great.


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