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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gone Fishin'...

The kids have been bugging Rob 'forever' to take them fishing.  Rob enjoys fishing, but it was an activity he only did with his Dad, and since his Dad passed away he just hasn't had the heart to do it again. 
A couple of weeks ago it was a Monday evening and Uncle Ken was over.  The kids were bugging him to fish in the pond and he said, 'ok, let's do it'.  So, the boys grabbed the fishing gear out of the storage room and went out to the pond.  They were all shocked when they actually caught a trout!  He was just a little guy, and we put him back in, but the kids were thrilled.  It was fun to sit up on the patio and watch and listen to them having fun together. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Give her wings and she'll fly...

For Abby's birthday (back in March) her Uncle Ken gave her a gift certificate for a flight with him.  Olivia's been up a couple of times but this was Abby's first time!  Abby was SO excited!  She didn't let Uncle Ken forget.  Every Monday Abby would tell him...'don't forget my flight, Uncle Ken'.  Well, Uncle Ken is pretty cool, and he came through with his promise a few weeks ago.  We took advantage of a beautiful summer day and they took to the skies.  It's always a weird feeling when the kids go up in the plane...I always have this fleeting thought that this is dangerous and risky.  The reality is, Ken is an amazing pilot and we trust him completely.  My fear is purely a 'mommy' thing.
They had a great flight and we took the time to walk aroundt the airport and enjoy the evening.  There are some beautiful old buildings there and I love taking pictures of them.  Here's a few snapshots of the evening:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Market...

Well, I am LONG overdue for a blog post!  The last month really has been a blur of busy-ness around here.  Kids getting back into school routine, me getting back into routine, and me spending hours on end in my sewing room preparing for the Campbell Valley Farmers Market.  I had every hour of every day time budgeted so that I could get everything done!  Because I work 2 days a week, the other days of the week are a balancing act between time with the kids, housework, programs and 'me' time.  The last few weeks have been full of late nights and early mornings. 
I was really happy with the amount of projects I was able to bring to market.  On their own, they wouldn't be enough to fill a booth, but combined with Kim's talents it works just perfect for me. 
Campbell Valley Market is a great venue!  There's lots for the kids to do, and it's really a great community event.  We were entertained with a variety of performers, there were games and kite making for the kids, lots of fresh bread, plant and fruit/veggie vendors, all your favourite fair food, (which I somehow managed to abstain from) and the weather cooperated!  It was a great weekend, and I was able to take home a tidy sum of money for my efforts.
Thank you to all our family and friends for coming out and showing really means a lot!  And, thank you to all of you who purchased our wares. We put a lot of time and effort into our projects and we hope they find a special place in your homes!
Keep watching here for updates on our upcoming Christmas Open Houses!

A few of my projects all ready to go to market...
We were very happy with the way our booth space turned out...although the wind really did try to give us a run for our money!