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Monday, January 11, 2010

Cute Prezzie...

So I have this crazy group of friends from Chilliwack. Crazy, yes, best description I can think of. We're all in our 30's although some of us behave like we're in our teens. I'm not sure how we all came together as friends, but it really doesn't matter. The point is there's something in our chemistry that keeps us laughing and lunching together. We are all creative ladies, we spend equal times creating together as we do lunching together. We are in constant search of new and quaint tea houses to have lunch in. We usually meet for birthdays but every now and then we do lunch 'just because'. We have dubbed the name 'ladies who lunch'. We were published in a newspaper as having that name, although I caution the term 'ladies' should be used lightly;) Anyway, we got together at Christmas for a luncheon and gift exchange. Our gift exchange had to be something handmade. Everyone received beautiful results! I posted here about the gift I made for Sarah. Well my 'old' friend Cindy had my name and I was not let down! Cindy made me this adorable yo-yo covered pillow. Did she know that this fabric line is one of my faves? She accompanied the pillow with a nice length of coordinating fabric which I hope to use soon! I easily found a home for my new pillow. I LOVE it thanks! I will have to blog a little more about these gals the next time we get together...I always forget my camera!!!


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