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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Milestone to Mark...

Last September my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary!  This is truly a remarkable milestone in today's world.  The fact that this couple has honoured each other's vows and treated each other in a way that has encouraged their relationship is truly worth noting.  I find it so amazing that my parents continue to be role models for me in my adulthood.  I just thought that once I was married I'd find my own way and not 'need' their example as much.  Watching them go through life together, through the ups and downs and continue to treat each other with love and respect and to keep growing together, is an added blessing to my life.

I really wanted to do something special for them for their anniversary.  They aren't really big 'party' people and I already pulled that on them for their 25th, so it needed to be something unique. 
While I don't claim to have 'arrived' in the world of quilting, it is a hobby I love.  It's a hobby that allows me to turn a quilt into a labour of love.  This quilt was TRULY a labour of love for my parents.  I started in aaaaages ago.  In fact there's a few blog posts way back to prove it! ( here, here, here, and even here)
But finally, FINALLY, it was completed.  Not quite in time for their actual anniversary, but not too far behind.  
This quilt is a pattern by a local quilter by the name of Cheryl Wall.  Cheryl is a wonderful, gentle soul who designs quilts with such character.  Thanks Cheryl!  This particular quilt pattern is called 'Village Sampler'.  I knew it would be something my parents would enjoy.  To add my own mark on the quilt I incorporated nicknames, initials, birth dates, and anniversaries of my parents, Rob & I and the kiddos, and my brother, all over the quilt.  
This was the very, very, very first quilt I've ever had professionally quilted!  (insert cheering and applause here)  This is a BIG moment people!  I bundled this quilt and another (I'll blog that one soon) up and headed out to my dear friend Rhonda of Quilted Cats Hideaway.   I didn't know what to expect.  I knew she'd have to custom quilt it, as there is a lot of different themes going on in the quilt.  I had NO idea she'd put endless hours and love into going the extra mile to make this quilt truly unique! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the finished product.  The amount of long arm quilting on this quilt is phenomenal.  Thank you Rhonda! Rhonda did a special post on her blog with some wonderful close ups of her quilting on this quilt...check it out here.

Happy Anniversary Dad & Mom.  Know that every stitch was made with love for you both.  I am truly blessed to be your daughter.  Does anyone have a kleenex....?