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Friday, April 3, 2009

My Lightening Queen.....

My oldest *kindly* reminded me that I forgot to post about our recent Grand Prix Race Day at church. Every year our Pioneer Clubs program holds a pine car race and it's BIG news for many! The kids have to
design their cars and paint them. The adults help with the cutting. It's all fair and square...they weigh each car and add weight accordingly so the races are fair. All the cars are divided into categories and are judged on speed and design. Last year Olivia brought home 3rd place in the speed category. This year she designed her car to look like a whale! It was a great day with fellow families in the church. There's a cool concession where you can buy cheap 'tail pipes' (also known as hot dogs), and we had a variety of fun cars on display from the auto mall. There were door prizes and trophies galore and most importantly, memories made.
Another special element to this event is my Dad's involvement. Dad has a passion for creating and one of his favorite things to create is garage scenes...he's got large ones, small ones, life size name it! Both last year and this year Dad set up a couple of his scenes for the enjoyment of all! Notice in the pics how he gives my kids all the credit for the work....that's a true Grandpa! Anyway, it was a wonderul family day. I hope you enjoy the pics. Oh, did I forget to mention that Olivia brought home 2nd place in her speed division this year? She you can well imagine what her goal is for next year!


  1. way to go, Olivia! My girls loved being involved in this when we went to your church. Lots of fun!

  2. Great pics Andy!

    And congrats Livi! Just wait till you get your OWN car...!


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