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Monday, April 20, 2009

Family Time....

One of our favorite family pastimes is Hot Dog roasts over the open fire. We did this lots when we were kids growing up...we did it when we were in youth, and we do it still today. It seems as though this spring season has been busier than ever. There's endless driving to and from events and the phone rings off the hook. It's nice to take a night off and head down to the field where we can't hear the phone and there are no distractions as we enjoy time together as a family. Some of our best conversations happen around the fire. It's out in the middle of nature and we can marvel at God's creation. This past week we enjoyed having my parents join us, as they often do, and we huddled around the fire as it's still a little cold in these parts. We enjoy watching the little fish jump for bugs in the pond, and we discovered a muskrat swimming around watching us. There's also a few Canadian geese attempting to nest and there's lots of ducks and frogs. It only lasts for an hour or so until the weather gets better but they are important memories being made for all. (There's also the added bonus that I don't have to cook!) We're looking forward to many more of these as the weather gets nicer. Hope you enjoy the pics!


  1. Maybe we can join you one afternoon/evening if we bring some "fuel" for the fire. Does your open fire take branches?

  2. Absolutely!!! We'll make a date!


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