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Monday, March 30, 2009

Wild Thing...I Know I Love You...

Bad Hair Day? Oh no, this is a good hair day! We took advantage of the sun rays yesterday and took pics of our little man with his oh-so-wild hair. Everyone comments on how crazy Isaac's hair looks. It kind of has a mohawk look to it. There's lots of hair, it's just really fair. After a bath it all stands straight up. I remember taking similar pics of Olivia when she was a baby. My mom says my hair was exactly the same as Isaac's. She used to put little pink rubber curlers in my hair to get it to curl instead of stand straight up! We tried to find those curlers when Olivia was little but Mom couldn't remember if she'd saved them...well, the other day I found a bag that contained some items from when I was a baby and guess what was in the bag? Yup, the curlers...only now I don't have a baby girl to try them out on. It's so tempting to just try one in Isaac's hair....nope, can't do it, Daddy would have a fit! Have I mentioned how I love this little man? More than I can say! I love his funky hair....he can keep it forever as far I'm concerned:)


  1. wow, that is wild... and adorable hair! so cute! Abby's baby hair was a little like that, too, wasn't it?

  2. Sweet post about a sweet little man! I think you should try the curlers just once - do it when Rob's not home!! ;)

  3. I love his hair!!!
    I think he looks most like Olivia... what do you guys think?

  4. yep, he definitely looks like Olivia...I didn't really see how much until I came across a baby pic of Olivia the other day and it was like looking at Isaac!
    Abby's hair was similar but hers had a wave to it so it layed down faster.
    I'll let Rob know that you made me do it Christa!!!


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