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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome Home....

Mr. (or Mrs.) Heron is back! One of my favorite things about coming up my driveway in the summer is the sight of our beautiful Heron who has made our pond his home. Heron's are beautiful birds to watch. They can sit so still that you barely notice them even though they are very large creatures. My hubby had gone for a walk in 'the back 40' a month or so ago and noticed a dead heron in the field. We were sad to realize that he/she may not be back this year, but lo and behold, there's another here.
Today I was sitting at my computer and glanced out the window only to notice this visitor sitting on the far side of the pond. I knew right away it wasn't the same heron that was here last year. This one is smaller and more grey in colour. Last years was a huge, blue fellow. My guess is that this is the female, or one of their offspring. Either way, it was a welcome sight. When these birds take off in flight they are so gracious to watch...they have a huge wing span and it takes them a little while to get going! I needed a pick-me-up today and I think this was God's way of doing just that.


  1. Yeah, I'm glad you got a heron again this year. It was just yesterday we were talking about it. How neat. I marvel at your pond everytime we come over. You must really enjoy the beauty right in your own yard.

  2. Lucky you! We just went on a field trip last week to the blue heron reserve in Chilliwack. There are hundreds of nesting herons there and it was so amazing to watch them. They are beautiful, majestic birds.


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