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Friday, September 10, 2010

Bye to the Beach for now... ya'll are getting tired of the pics by now, but remember, this blog is a journal for the kids to look back on too, so bear with us.  This is the last beach post..from here we'll move on to the next couple of adventures after our week at the beach.  My brother, Dave, gets a gold medal for surviving the trip with us.  We talked him into travelling with us so he wouldn't have to travel alone but Isaac proved to be not the best car traveller and we had to endure a lot of crying, snack stops, and dvd time in the car.  Way to go did it!  Here are just a few parting shots.  We made some wonderful memories on this trip and are so grateful for the time with my family.


  1. Those are great parting shots Andy!! And for the record, I'm not tired of the pictures!

  2. you guys had such a great trip. Oregon is so beautiful!


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