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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A new life to celebrate...

A beautiful baby girl was our 'excuse' to celebrate this time!  We are so thrilled for our dear friends Depak & Tillie as they welcomed beautiful baby Anna Simran into their family last month. 
A few weeks back I entered a contest at the very last minute, to win a bunch of cupcakes by a local gal here in town who has a cake business.  Patricia of 'Patticakes' drew my name the very next morning and I woke up to an email saying I had won!  woo hoo...very rarely do I win anything! first few thoughts were these:  a) we're going away in a few days and there's no way we could eat all these cupcakes on our own! b) ok, well, maybe we could eat all these cupcakes on our own, but that just isn't healthy! c) cupcakes taste better fresh than after they've been frozen d) what a perfect excuse to have a party!!!  Tough call..but let's go with D!
I sent out an invite to a few gals and we turned the cupcake party into a baby shower for little Anna.  It was a great way to catch up on our busy summer activities, and take turns having a cuddle with sweet little Anna.  Heather found the perfect card for Tillie, and I do mean PERFECT (see below..but only if the word 'boobs' doesn't offend you;)  The cupcakes were beautiful and tasted great!


  1. Ah yes... love those 'new mommy' boobs!
    Congratulations Tillie! Any excuse for cupcakes is a good excuse in my books!

  2. the party was great, I have some pretty amazing friends... and the card was awesome, my husband liked it too!


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