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Friday, September 24, 2010

2 Off 2 School...

This is a big year here in the Hildebrandt household!  This is the first year we have 2 girls off to school.   The crazy part is, it's the only year these sisters will ever be in the same school together!  That's what we get for having a 5 yr age gap between kids!

Abby was so excited to start school this year.  She's been talking about her teacher since Spring.  All summer she kept asking how long until school starts, asking when we could get her uniform ready and on and on.  I've mentioned in previous posts that our kids attend a Traditional values school.  Basically the kids are encouraged and taught to place emphasis on respect and responsibility and hard work.  With these things in place it is an ideal academic atmosphere.  Olivia has done really well in the traditional system and we are hoping the same for Abby.  This will be a trial year with Abby to see how she responds to this type of atmosphere.  We think it's similar to our values and life philosophy as parents.  Although there is no official element of faith base in this school, we are constantly encouraged by the wonderful Christian parents and teachers we have relationship with at King.  Rob and I have made efforts to recognize the different personality differences with our children and try to encourage them in their individualism.  It's not an easy job, but we try.  Abby is our free spirit of the clan and I never want that to change.  Fine tune, yes, but change, no.  We know she will always need her space to be an individual and mature into the wonderful girl she is.  So, here goes trial year.  We do have a back up plan if we think it's not working to her advantage!  So here's my to Kindergarten, cute as a button, and full of hope and dreams of what school will be.  She has a wonderful spirit filled teacher who we think will identify with Abby and embrace her strengths.  King only has 1/2 day kindergarten, but every day.  This means a year full of driving, but my hubby is great with doing drop off in the mornings on his way to work.  Everyday I ask Abby how her school was and she always has the same answer....'AWESOME!'.  Doesn't get much better than that!

Here's our sweetheart Olivia...all grown up and in Grade 5!!!  I can't believe it!  It seems as though we just started school years with her but, here we are.  In just a few short months we'll be making the decision about where to send her for middle school.  We may continue on in traditional, or we may be bold and make a switch.  We still don't know where God is leading on this one.  Olivia is genuinely enjoying her new teacher.  This is the first year she's had a male teacher.  The first day of school Olivia came home saying 'Mom, Mr.K. is sooooo funny!'.  Her grin was so big it was heartwarming.  There's just such a great joy in knowing your kids feel safe, loved and are having fun in their learning environment.  Somedays I feel like life is just flying by, and then I remember...'oh wait, I've gotta do this all over again in 3 years when Isaac is ready'. 
On that note, I am thoroughly enjoying my mornings of one on one with Isaac.  He is every bit of troublesome two's these days, but he's got such a sparkle in his eye.  We usually just hang out and play.  He either wants to play in his new 'sand-a-box' or watch for planes flying above.  He is a joyful little man who is currently obsessed with 2 things:  'sand-a-box' and 'Unca Ken'.  Heaven help me.


  1. um... *sniff*... no 'auntie Kim'?

    Girls, you look beautiful and I'm so happy that you're loving school! I know you'll have a GREAT year!

  2. ah,how could I forget??? I should've written his top 3 favourites and you would have been #3 for sure! Don't worry aunta are, by far, one of the favs:)


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