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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holiday Happenings...

We were never at a shortage for things to do on holidays.  We spent so much time just playing at the beach and walking through the town of Seaside. The great thing about the Oregon coast is that you only have to drive a little ways to hit the next town which brings along the next adventure.  Here's a few pics of activities we did while at the beach...

First, and most importantly, we had a beloved daughter turn the big 1-0 during our holidays!  It was fun to celebrate with her while on holidays.  I have very fond memories of celebrating my B-day on family holidays too.  This lucky girl recieved some lovely gifts, and managed to save up enough money, combined with some B-Day $$$ to purchase a much anticipated DSi.  We figured we may as well do it down in the Oregon where it's cheaper and there's no tax!  Happy Birthday are such a joy to Dad and I.

In the main town in Seaside there are lots of activities to do come night time.  There's the arcade, the candy stores, the shopping, the coffee shops, the mini golf, and the carousel and bumper cars.  Our kids favored the latter two activities.  We all had our share of carousel rides and bumper cars by the time we left!
We came prepared with a few activities for the kids.  Grandma brought a big bead set along so the girls could make bracelets and necklaces.  To my surprise, they made me a beautiful necklace for my birthday!  Abby used some holiday money to buy a noise-making, drive us all nuts, recorder.
I brought along just a few card making supplies in case I got the bug..and I did...I managed to finish up 18 cards (3 different designs)  It was nice to have the time to sit and do something I enjoy with no phone interruptions or cleaning that had to be done!  The girls mailed off a few postcards to friends back home.

Olivia and Mom and I took a day to head just North to the beautiful town of Astoria.  Some of you will remember the movie Kindergarten Cop was filmed there.  It's a quaint litle town with lots of history and lots of curio shops to snoop through.  We found a cute cupcake bakery where we sat down and enjoyed a treat.  I just love all the flowers and bistro sets that are set out for tourists to use. 
We spent another day down at Cannon Beach.  It was a realllllly hot day and we didn't last all day, but it's a beautiful little town to tour through.  We found cute stores and ate at a great restaurant.  I got a kick out of some of the signs in the different store windows (see below) and I loved all the window boxes and huge hanging baskets all over the town.


  1. Ok that's it! I'm going next year, with or without my family!

    And how come there's no pics of you?

  2. I love the espresso and puppy sign... this should be hung in church as well :)

    And the pic of Rob and Abby on the bumper cars is awesome - only Abby in focus, very neat!


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