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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Makin' Good on a Promise...

Olivia's school is a big supporter of local events, and especially charity events.  For 12 consecutive years, King Traditional has participated in the annual Abbotsford Police Challenge Run.  This year was the 20th anniversary of this event.  Our local police raise money for The ALS Society, United Way, and the Special Olympics.  Last year Olivia brought home all the paperwork for the event and asked me to do it with her.  I had been stepping it up in terms of trying to stay in shape and felt like I could do it with her, until we realized the day of the run was the same day that I had to be in a sale at a local fair that I had already comitted to.  Olivia was really disappointed and asked me to promise to do the run with her next year...which brings us to the here and now.  I had completely forgotten all about this.  But, sure enough, first week of school she came home with all the registration info and reminded me about my promise.  There was a part of me that thought she needed to understand that I wasn't up for it this year.  I'm still nursing an injury from ball this past spring, and I hadn't been doing great with my running.  But, the promise prevailed.  This wasn't about my ability.  This was about keeping my promise to my daughter.  We would only be doing the 5km...not the 10km.  I knew deep down that I could easily walk it if I had to.  But, with only 2 weeks notice, I dragged myself out to the track 3 times each week until I was up to running 4.5 km at a time...I know, peanuts for some of ya'll, but huge for me. 
So, we did it.  One week ago today. The rain held off, our bibs were pinned in place, our micro-chips attached to our shoes and away we went.  There were approx. 100 participants alone from our school, winning us the award for the highest represented school at the run for the 12th year straight.  Olivia will tell you that I held her back...that's her story and she's stickin to it.  She managed to beat me by a full minute.  But, I did it....and, I managed to run most of it.  A few short walk breaks prevailed, but all in all I ran.  I had a fellow friend, Sarah, along to keep me encouraged and running when our kids took off on us.
Now, posting these pics kill me.  I look absolutely awful...but, it's a memory made that's worth the hit to my pride.  So, don't look close, just look at Livi..and the smile of accomplishment on her face!  Hubby and 2 youngest were there to cheer us on through the last stretch..and snap away with the camera of course.   Next year you ask?  Absolutely...and I'm going to beat my time by at least 5 minutes.  That's my promise to myself!
We managed to find a couple of friends from church who participated in the run here's a shot of the Heritage Gang!


  1. Way to go ladies. I saw them set up for the run and was very jealous. I will be out there next year for sure! I got to run with my new running partner today (Chelsea's decided to join me, yeah!), it felt great.

    Livi will remember this for a lifetime! Its amazing to see you honor her and keep your promise.

  2. Oh goodness me! You think you look bad. I shouldn't have worn that dark pink - it just really accentuated my bright red face!!!

    Thanks for running with me. And yes, I too will beat my time next year by at least 5 minutes. Do you still need some pics emailed? I would love the one of our shoes and the 2 of us running into the finish. The one Steve too of that is unpostable!!!!

  3. Way to go Andy!!! I'm proud of you for the physical accomplishment, but also for the promise kept to Livi.


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