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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saying Goodbye...

These last few weeks have been beyond busy. I am mentally exhausted. Lucky for you I don't air my dirty laundry on my blog;)
There is so much in life right now that requires thought and attention but everything took a back seat this week, as they should, when my Gramma passed away. My Grandma was 89 yrs old and had been sick for so long. But, only physically sick, mentally she was as sharp as a tack until her last few days. I had the (difficult) priviledge of spending her last day with her. I only say difficult because it was so hard to see her struggling for breath, unable to speak. But so comforting to hold her hand, brush her hair, kiss her cheeks and sing to her. These are moments I will treasure forever. I admired my Grandma for so many reasons but I will remember her most for her faith, humour and courage. Grandma endured more than most women have to all through her life, but she kept her wits, humour and faith. Grandma loved music, and used her gift to bless others. She was still playing the piano a few days before she passed away. Grams always helped the underdog, sensing those who had burdens to bear, who's lots in life were less than fair.

The funeral was beautiful...lots of her favourite songs, a beautiful tribute by her son, a humourous, yet honouring, video presentation, a table laid with the things Gramma was known for...scrabble, scarves, her bible, her journals, flowers, her poems, her stuffed snoopy:)
The family was all here and we were able to spend lots of time reminiscing about Grandma. We were able to laugh and cry in good company. It was nice to see all my aunts and uncles and all but 3 of my cousins.
So Grandma...I will miss you for now, but I'll see you one day. I know that God had a special mansion waiting for you...bigger than most, and with a solid gold grand piano!
I was going to post a video of my Mom and Uncle (Kim's Dad) singing at the funeral but Kim beat me to it:) (Kim's Grandma & my Grandma are sisters)
You can see it over
If you want my Grandma's recipe for her famous shortcake you can find the recipe here.
And this is something special I want to share with you. My Grandma was an amazing writer. She kept detailed journals that start in the 60's and wrote many poems over the years. This particular poem was written after the last of her 5 children made their commitment to Christ. This poem was included in the memorial bulletin.


"No symphony is sweeter though its cadence thrills me so,
No sunrise is as golden as the daybreak that I know,
No birdsong half so lovely; no masterpiece can hold,
Near the pleasure of the knowlege that my lambs are in the fold.

Not to climb the highest mountain nor descend to depth of sea,
Could attain the satisfaction this assurance brings to me.
All the wealth that toil could proffer or the fame that might befall,
Would be ashes, had they never hearkened to the shepherd's call.

Now no hearth was ever warmer, nor the lights of home so bright,
No supper time more pleasant, nor a Mothers Day so right,
Since I know, though time may part us,
As the storms of life draw nigh,
We'll be there to share together, our eternal home on high."
~Dorothy Smith

Grandma's character spoke loud and clear by the friends and loved ones who attended her funeral, by the words spoken in kind, and by the verse her children chose to honour her....
"Her children arise and call her blessed..." Proverbs 31:28


  1. Thanks for sharing, Andy!

  2. That is an absolutely stunning piece of poetry and puts into words the feelings in the heart of any believing mother. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. What a beautiful tribute you have given your Grandma. And what an amazing legacy she has left behind for her family. You are blessed with a Godly heritage.

  4. Andrea. Your Grandma was my last Aunt. It was a great privelege to sing with your Mom in honour of your grandma. I did not feel grief as much as I felt peace. It was a beautiful memorial.
    Uncle Larry


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