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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soccer Camp...

Olivia has done a summer soccer camp for a couple of years now and she just LOVES it!  There are many local churches in the area that run these daily vacation Bible school soccer camps.  It's a great way for kids to have fun learning both sport skills and God's Word in a fun and interactive way.  Our church, Heritage Alliance, teamed up with Immanuel Baptist to help run the camp.  We started talking about summer soccer camp way back in spring already because this year Abby was old enough to go.  Abby was so excited to go and was counting down the days until she could go.  Abby is very athletic and energetic by nature so we thought she'd really enjoy the experience.  Every day she played hard and came home singing praises to the Lord..such a wonderful experience for all of us!  The first day of camp was overcast and cloudy, but after that it was nothin' but heat!  The kids went until lunch everyday for a week, and when they finally crawled into bed each night they were exhausted and slept well!  It was fun to go and hang out and watch the kids have fun..they both did fantastic.  There were about 200 kids there and it seemed as though we knew at least 1/2 of them!  I was able to visit and catch up with friends I haven't talked to in years!  Great week...we'll definitely do it all again next year!  The only trouble.....keeping Isaac off the playing field.

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