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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Day at the Beach with guests...

Summer has really been heating up in our corner of the world.  The temps have been soaring and we're trying to stay cool.   It seems as though we go from one extreme to another, with not much time to adjust from either end!  We took advantage of a sunny Sunday afternoon and headed out to the beach.  We're lucky enough to be only about a 1hr drive to the Pacific Ocean.  We went to church in the morning and then packed up snacks, lots of water, chairs, blankets and all kinds of other necessaries and drove out to White Rock Beach.  The tide was out quite far when we got there, but it moved in fairly quickly.  We had some wonderful guests staying with us from Japan and they too were excited to see the beach.  We have really come to enjoy hosting Japanese students in our home...this is the 3rd time we've done it.  Each time they come it's a fun challenge to introduce them to our Canadian culture. For one week we get to bring them into our family and share our home with them.  Ayumi and Ririsa are from Tokyo, Japan.  The girls don't live close to a beach so it was a treat for them to go.  They wanted to try fish-n-chips, and they thoroughly enjoyed it!  We went with some friends who were also hosting students.  Us adults sat and relaxed while all the kids beachcombed and collected shells & crabs.  We finished the day off with ice cream and a walk.  Isaac had an ice cream cone all to himself and he thoroughly enjoyed it down to the last lick....but oh was he a mess!!  We stripped him down before putting him in the car! 


  1. haven't been to the beach in years. in fact, youngest has never been. looks like a fabulous day; we are hoping to work it into next week to do some beach-combing of our own.

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