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Monday, July 5, 2010

Plan B...

Plan 'B' is the title I choose to give to June 20th of this year. Why? Because...the day was planned down to the finest of details....all to be changed and adapted at last minute.

June 20th started out as Father's Day.
Plan A: homeade strawberry waffles for Daddy, presentation of cards, hugs and kisses.
Plan B: Uncle called and told me Grandma was not going to make it through the day...sorry Daddy, you know we love you but we'll have to give you a raincheck on the waffle breakfast. Mom leaves right away to go to Grandma. Rob, in true Daddy fashion, was great about it.

Father's Day presents:
Plan A: give Daddy and Grandpa and Isaac nicely wrapped gifts from the kids and let Daddy have a nice long nap in the afternoon.
Plan B: Leave the kids with Daddy all day so Mommy can be with her Grandma. Daddy squeezes in a nap when Isaac does. Mommy throws gifts in a gift bag at about 7pm and tells the kids we'll wrap them next time.
Dad & Mom's Weekend Away:
Plan A: My Dad & Mom spend a lovely weekend celebrating a friends retirement, followed up by a birthday party/father's day party at our house to complete a perfect weekend.
Plan B: I finally reach my parents by phone at 2pm....they race home to see Grandma, we spend a few hours at the hospital/home and then head to my place in the evening to flop on the couch in exhaustion.

Isaac's Evening Birthday Party/Rob's & Dad's Father's Day Party:
Plan A: Cook all day...bbq thawed Ribs in special recipe, serve with all the fixin's, Ice tractor cake for Isaac's stellar birthday cake, go all out on a huge dinner for family, followed by guests joining us for the birthday cake.
Plan B: Forget all about dinner, uninvite guests, leave uniced cake in freezer, Mom and Dad pick up pizza and a Safeway cake and swing by. We're all exhausted and don't have much to say. Dad gets ready to head back to hospital to spend time with his Mom.

This day was all about what's most important. Having a family who genuinely love each other. Being able to realize that nothing else matters. There have been stellar parties in the past, Lord willing there will be great ones to come, but for this day this is what God gave us. An amazing Grandma who was able to go home to Jesus. Family who spent time honouring a dying parent because of the love they had for her. Parents who still tried to make the day special by picking up dinner and a cake. Family to sit and visit with and try to make the day special despite the mood. A husband who goes with the flow and supports me through it all. Plan B keeps me humble. Here's a few pictures to mark Isaac's Birthday..such as it was.


  1. Time with family, even if it's not how WE plan it, is still obviously God's wish for us!

  2. Its not always fun to have plan B on such a special occassion(s) of a day, but I am proud of you for embracing it with patience. You're an amazing woman, and your family appreciates YOU much more than the stuff you do for them (although you always try real hard to make it special).


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