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Sunday, August 1, 2010


This morning we said goodbye to some special girls who were our houseguests for the past week.  I mentioned Ririsa and Ayumi in my previous post.  We hope these girls had a good experience here in Canada and in our home.  We were able to do some fun things together.  We've been told in the past that these students are here to observe the life of a typical Canadian family.  For us this meant a week of regular things such as housework, cooking, yardwork, driving, relaxing and spending time together.  It also meant lots of entertaining, fun, and a few special outings.  This past Friday we were treated to a Sayanora Party where our students sang and danced for us, and expressed their appreciation to us for hosting them.  Here are a few random shots of our week with our students. Thank you for coming girls...we enjoyed having you stay with us..please come visit again!

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