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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who Knew?

Who knew that a dog who hadn't had puppies for years could have 2 batches of pups in 6 months time? I think our dog Nazzy was just as surprised as I was that she was going to have pups again! I can't say that I was too excited about it...first of all who wants to deal with puppies twice in 6 months, and secondly, poor Nazzy! We were so fortunate to have the help of our friend Heather when Nazzy had the first batch up pups last August. We didn't have a clue what to do but Heather stepped right up and walked us through it and helped us advertise/sell all the pups! We kept one of the pups from her 1st batch and the kids named him Toby. Toby has turned in to a beautiful, huge dog and we are so happy with him. (Will post on him tomorrow). Now, because we kept a pup, Nazzy nursed a little longer than if we had sold all of them. we were, thinking we were smart we tucked away an envelope of money from the sale of her pups so that we could get 'the procedure' done on Nazzy. We gave her the time needed to finish nursing and then Christmas rolled around. I thought to myself, 'we'd better get her booked for her procedure right after Christmas'. Good intentions. Well, on New Year's Day one of our neighbors, Rachele, called asking if we'd seen her dog around. I asked it's name and she told me...I said, 'hold on, I'll take a look outside'. I opened the door and called for my total shock, a beautiful golden retriever bounded out of our dog house...yah, the dog house surrounded by the dog run, that's surrounded by the 5' fence. yah, that one. This dog had jumped into our pen and when I told hubby he commented that he had let that dog out of the pen the previous night when he saw it in there. Yikes!!! I quickly phoned my friend Heather and asked what we should do....her words...'too late now!'. So, true to murphy's law, here we are, with not 8 (like last time) but 9, yes 9 pups! The pups were born on March 1st. They are just a week old here and their eyes aren't even open. Don't get me wrong..puppies are adorable..but they turn into work! we go again...and yes, a couple of the pups are golden retrievers! Will keep ya'll 'posted'!


  1. That sure is a lot of mouths to feed! Hmmm... I wonder if Java would go for a little Tazo Chai for a sidekick... nah! Good luck!

  2. Oh boy, I better keep my kids away from your place for a while. They have been begging for a dog, but I am so not ready for that yet.


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