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Friday, March 26, 2010

Bella Italia Etc - Girls Get-A-Way Part 4

I know..I'm dragging this out...but I never post this many pics and it's time consuming! After a full day of sight-seeing in Forks and La Push, we headed back to Port Angeles where we had reservations at Bella Italia. This is the restaurant that was the inspiration for Bella & Edward's first date. If you'll remember, she orders the mushroom ravioli, he orders nothing, and proceeds to tell her that he can read minds...everyone's in the room, 'apart from yours'. Word has it that Kristen Stewart has actually been to the Forks, WA and she's even been to Bella Italia to have the now famous mushroom ravioli. Author Stephenie Meyer has also been here and left autographed proof. I would not succumb to peer pressure and have mushroom ravioli, simply because I wouldn't otherwise order it! I enjoyed chicken fettucine, and we split a bottle of the newly released 'Twilight' sparkling red wine...yummy:) Here's a few shots of the evening...we were running late and didn't even get to dress up for supper, but it was still fun. I didn't get the best pics, but we've yet to swap photos from the weekend.

Here's a few shots around the beautiful hotel we stayed in...
Here's a few randoms....a plaque of 'Bella Swan - employee of the month' at the Forks Outfitters, and a few of the the twilight shopping options...
Well, that's it for today's post (hold the applause please) Tomorrow, for the final Girls Get-A-Way post it's the beautiful Port Townsend.

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  1. i noticed once i got home that the sign Bella Italia used to have in their window is now gone. it used to say home of Bella and Edward's first date or something along those lines


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