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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Girls - Get - Away...Part 1

I was fortunate enough to get-a-way for the weekend. I was much in need of some sanity time and while I would have loved to go away with hubby it just didn't work this time. We had been scheduled to take a little trip as a family over spring break but that was quickly changed when our dog had puppies! Rob encouraged me to go away as things are busy here for him with the farm right now, and only promise to get busier, so away I went. I went with a group of gals who I've often referred to on my blog...they are a fun loving, creative group of gals who are great to hang out with! Our destination you ask? Forks, Washington. Yup, as in the Forks you all know and love from Twilight. Now...before you roll your eyes ( like my bro Ken who's just really jealous because he can't get his hair to look as good as Rob Pattinson's), I will remind you that the west coast is one of the most beautiful places on earth and I was very excited to see the sights it has to offer. I have been through some of the towns before, not Forks, but many of the coastal small towns, and they are beautiful!
I am definitely NOT the biggest TwiFan out there, but I did love the books and was excited to see the place that inspired them. You may not know that the movie Twilight was actually filmed in Oregon...nowhere near Forks! The sequels so far have been filmed up here all over the Greater Vancouver area, and apparently (my sources tell me) that the final sequel, Breaking Dawn, will be filmed here in Vancouver as well. I have a few Twifanatic friends who have stalked many a set in search of their obsessions! One of the gals we went away with has already done the Forks trip so she was a fount of information and, in general a great tour guide for all the places we saw...thanks Rhonda!
The first few pics are just general...heading into Forks, then to the chamber of commerce to sign the guestbook and get a feel for all the hoopla that these books have created for this little town.
We actually stayed in Port Angeles, which is a little way away from Forks.


  1. i did not take nearly enough pictures lol! it was such a great weekend

  2. Andy should never have let me near the computer whilst she was still signed in to her blog.........I must admit, Robert does have fantastic hair, but really, doesn't the water end at the ocean shore? I mean, C'MON PEOPLE! I may not have the viagra-induced hair of "let's paint the abs on" Robby, but I got pretty sweet hair if I say so myself.....AND the personality to go with it. I'll be starring in my own movies at some point. Just you wait....Abbotsford will be THE place to visit, I assure you....moo ha ha ha ha.


  3. He's still's snowballing now.

  4. so Ken, should we invite you along next time? ;)


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