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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rained Out...

The weather's been so nice around these parts that we thought we'd plan a hot dog roast this weekend with some friends. The weather was beautiful all day...until about 4pm when it started to shower. showers, rain. Yup, lots and lots of rain, but we were brave and went ahead with it anyway...well, not so much bravery maybe as not wanting to deal with a bunch of unhappy kiddos who would be disappointed if we canceled! My parents were even brave enough to come join the fun! Man did it pour...but we put in our time down by the fire and then came in for warm pie and hot coffee! Like I said to my friend's still a memory...a really wet one, but a memory nonetheless. We look forward to many more DRY hot dog roasts this year.


  1. now if i had been there, it would have been all dry and sunny :p

  2. good for you for trying! We'll have to join you for one soon.

  3. Hey, since sunshine and butterflies follow me wherever I go, you should really invite me next time! I'd be guaranteed to bring good weather!


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