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Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear (Not So) Ol' Dad...

Happy Birthday dear Dad! We celebrated my Dad's birthday this past weekend. He was fortunate enough to have 2 brothers here, one from up North, and one from the South! He enjoyed a weekend of breakfasts, visits and a mini-B-day party at our place. I could never put into words how much I love both my parents. To honour my Dad for his birthday I'll just say a few words...My Dad is gentle, slow to anger, sharp as a whip with his humor, and has this uncanny ability to apply common sense to everything in life! Dad has always been an amazing example of what a Dad should be. I have great memories of growing up with my parents and am so thankful that they provided these for us. Dad and I still have a wonderful relationship...he's here lots, helping with the kids, being the bestest 'Bumpa' ever, delivering me non stop coffees, and working on restoring his old truck. He listens and sympathizes with life's frustrations, and encourages me in so many ways. I don't know how dad manages to stay so calm and level headed with some of life's curve balls, but he does. I could go on and on, but the point is, he's a great guy, and respected by everyone. For his birthday I made him apple pies instead of a cake...he loves apple pie! So, happy birthday are the BEST and I love you forever.


  1. Very nice Andy!

    ...and Happy Birthday to the best banjo pickin' guy I know!

  2. Yeah for dads! So glad you had the opportunity to celebrate with him.


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