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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Addition to the family...

If you read the previous post then you'll know that we are in full puppy mode over here! The pup we kept from Nazzy's batch of pups last fall is now 6 months old. 'Toby', named by the kids, has adapted very well to life here with us and we love him! His brindle colouring becomes more and more beautiful everyday. For a pup he is extremely well behaved. He figured out very quickly that if he wants attention then he needs to behave! His only weakness is garbage...any shape or form of garbage. We need to work on our garbage system over here so that there's no temptation for him! Toby is huge! He is already bigger than his mama and his paws are massive....he can knock any of the kids down in one big jump. He is still easily excited, but in general is gentle and protective of the kids already. He's also been behaving very well since the arrival of his half brothers and sisters. I thought I'd post these few pics showing you how he's grown so much.
The first pic is of Toby when he was 1 day old...he's the one on the far left, nursing. (I think)

The next pic is of Toby when he was 3 months old

And these next two are recent pics of with his mom, Nazzy who's not enjoying the wrestling match going on by the look on her face....


  1. Sooo... which one are you gonna keep from this litter...?

  2. The one that I plan on giving your daughter in a couple months:)


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