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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Second Beach...

Rob had this past week off and we took lots of time to do things as a family! It was hard not to book the week up with errands and projects but we did it. Lots of relaxing. Unfortunately I came down with my first, and hopefully last, cold of the season. I was frustrated at not having energy and not being able to sleep well, but at least hubby was home to help. Our friends, The Friesens, have been raving all this summer and last about Second Beach out in Stanley Park. We finally decided to see for ourselves. We called the Friesens and they took a day off to join us. We made the drive out to Vancouver without too much delay and spent the day kickin' back and relaxin. Unfortunately we didn't have a super warm day but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Second Beach is a huge, heated pool that's right next to the ocean. The kids had a blast in the water! I even bit the bullet and swam in the pool. Swimming has never been one of my favorite goes back to my childhood when I could never see a darned thing in the pool without my glasses. Hope you enjoy the pics...


  1. Oh yes, we love the pics, especially the fantastically flattering one of my family and Rob.

    (Just remember, I have a camera too, and I know how to use it!)

    It was a great day... lets do it again when we don't need our winter coats!

  2. I love the photo of the kids with their heads together. Gotta love those moments when something in nature entrigues them all so much.


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