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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Creative gifts...

So among the oodles of gift cards that I got for my b-day (that I'm looking soooo forward to spending) I also received these 2 lovely gifts. When a friend gives me a gift like one of these it's a great sign that they know me well. For me, receiving a kit or a stack of coordinating fabric is only part of the gift...I get to be creative and imagine what I'll do to make the project mine. Then, there's the fact that I get to take some quiet time, once the kids are in bed of course, and sit, put some tunes on and go to my happy place! So, thanks Cindy & Rhonda for these great gifts! It'll be awhile before you see the finished products but you'll see em'! Cindy & Rhonda were part of a group of gals that took me to the local cupcake hangout to celebrate my b-day....mmmm, it was a fun, and yummy, day! So, thanks Cindy for the great Cheryl Wall kit...Cheryl is one of my fav designers...and thanks Rhonda for the oh so yummy charm pack of fall fabrics....fall is my favorite!


  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Now get busy... you know, in all your free time!

  2. You're welcome!! Enjoy that quiet, creative time.

  3. you are more than welcome! wish i had found another one of those charm packs lol

    love the new profile picture


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