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Monday, September 28, 2009

1st Haircut!

So, I have to admit, I didn't realize how long Isaac's hair was getting until I heard a few too many know...the "oh, are you growing his hair out?"...and the, "you have old man hair don'tcha buddy?" and then there were the two girls sitting behind us in church having an argument about whether or not he was a boy or a girl. Time for a haircut. I have to say, I'm not used to this yet...with the girls I just let it grow and I have to drag hubby kicking and screaming (well, ok, not really, but close) to the barber. So, all of the sudden the light-bulb came on and I realized, oh...he really needs a trim! So...we bathed him and sat him in front of the mirror. He wouldn't have anything to do with a towel around him and proceeded to bat away my hands every time I tried to get near his head. I finally gave him a new toothbrush with a bit of toothpaste on it and it seemed to keep him somewhat occupied. Needless to say, it was an exercise in patience...not one of my greatest virtues! So it's done. He looks so adorable...not because of my 'hack job' but because he looks a little more like a little boy now and not such a baby! I saved his hair, of course, and some of those locks are 2" long! Next time we won't wait so long...and next time, someone else can do it!


  1. He looks adorably handsome with his new haircut!

  2. Love the haircut, such an adorable little man you have.

  3. What a schweetie!

    But you knew that already, right?

  4. Oh wow - he really does look all grown up now with his handsome man haircut! Still adorable though!!


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