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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Puppy Update...

There's 8 of em'. We've got boys, we've got girls, we've got long haired, we've got short haired, we've got black, we've got brown, we've got mixed...but most of all...we've got toooo many puppies! I shared in a previous post about the birth of these little guys (here), and now here we are 6 weeks later. The puppies are super energetic and love all the attention they can get! Well, it's time for us to think about finding homes for the pups. A friend of mine works at a vet clinic and knows lots about animals and where to find good homes for them. Heather's going to give us a hand and I am so thankful because I wouldn't know where to start! We've done this once before but it seemed like last time everyone came to us by word of mouth...I don't think we'd be as lucky this time around! We are going to keep one but which one is the question? Rob and I are leaning towards the little black guy with the brown markings...he reminds me of a shepherd or maybe he has a little rotty in him. Either way...he's a cutie. Olivia is in love with 'Jack'. Jack is the little black one with the white chin. These are going to be big dogs by the looks of things! So, soon they'll have their shots and checkups then off they go...this is getting too expensive!


  1. They're all adorable (no that doesn't mean we'll be taking one!) Jack is the one my girls liked when we were at your house. I hope you find good homes for all of them - just make sure you don't let Elise have one. :)

  2. oh yah...I remember what happened to the last animal we gave her...hee hee...

  3. Hey that's not fair! But really we know we clearly we not meant to take any animals into our home. At least we take better care of our children!


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