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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Fair...

Kim and I did our annual Campbell Valley Fall Fair Sale this past weekend. The weather cooperated for the most part and we had fun hangin' out and meeting new and 'old' friends. We worked hard to get ready and we had fun setting up a booth that was fall themed and enticing for people to walk through. One of the fun parts of doing a weekend like this is when our families come out and join the fun. The kids loved watching the magicians, making/flying kites, petting the Ilamas and having a ride in an old fashioned buggy pulled by the beautiful horses! I'll show individual projects later, but here's an overview of our weekend!


  1. love the display, and especially the blue/green quilt with the brown trim (do you know what size it is? is it still available?)

  2. Yes, that quilt got lots of attention this weekend but no one took it home. It is one of Kim's and it is still available. It is a crib sized quilt...I don't have the exact measurements but it would be something like 3'x 4'. Let me know if you're interested and I'll pass you on to Kim..or check out her blog on my blog list and contact her thataway:) I can easily arrange 'delivery':)


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