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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We feel pretty lucky to have a pilot in our family! Rob's brother, Ken, is fanatic about airplanes...has been ever since he was a little guy. It's only natural that he obtained a pilots license after eating, breathing and living planes for so long. Rob and I have been up with him and had a great time. Ken was looking forward to the day that Livi expressed an interest in being ready to 'take to the skies'. This was the year for Olivia! She wanted to go to the Abbotsford Airshow and said that she'd also like to head up with Uncle Ken for a flight and he was happy to oblige! Last night was the big night. She was super excited and just a little nervous. She got her own headset and watched as Uncle Ken did his pre-flight checks and rolled the plane out of the hanger. Once she was settled in the plane, Rob and I were 'escorted' out of the hanger area and headed to the tarmac to watch her take off. We even got a wave from the plane as it glided off the runway! Ken took her up over Cultus Lake, over the flats and followed the Fraser River back and over our house. Olivia enjoyed it a lot and says her favorite part was the 'fly-bys'. This is where Uncle Ken prepares to come in for a landing but then pulls up and heads back out again...he did 2 of these for her! It was great to hang out at the airport and wait for her to land and tell us what she thought. I think she'll definitely want to go again soon! Thanks Uncle are THE coolest Uncle!


  1. How awesome! Olivia is so lucky to enjoy a private flight.

  2. so much fun! my dad arranged for one of our kids to go up in a small plane for his 7th birthday; best gift ever


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