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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Another year has wrapped up for Piano lessons.  This was our last year with 'Miss Charity'.  Charity has been a wonderful teacher.  Very patient, kind and nurturing towards Olivia.  We appreciated the life skills she built into Olivia along with the musical knowledge.  Olivia's recital theme was 'Beach Party'.  It was a fun evening with good music, good food and fun visiting with fellow piano families.  Olivia played the piano piece titled 'Chimes'.  She did a great job!  We are proud of you Livi!  Keep up the hard work!  Music is a wonderful part of life!

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  1. A piano recital in flip flops... that's the way to do it, Livi! I'd love to hear you play sometime :)
    Love Auntie Kim


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