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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Easter Season was a busy one around here!  I think, perhaps, more busy than Christmas was...and that's sayin' something!  It was a very fun and meaningful Easter. 
The week prior to Easter was a crazy one.  Our schedule was packed, work was crazy, and we heard of 6 people who had passed away. It was a hard week, but we were blessed despite of it. Our Pastor put a lot of planning and prayer into how to make the Easter season a memorable and meaningful one.  I think it was particularly a special Easter for the kids.  I think they are really starting to grasp the meaning of their Heavenly Father and how His death (and resurrection!)was so necessary for mankind. 
We started off the celebrations on Passover Sunday with a traditional Passover meal at our church. Pastor Tim did a full Passover ceremony with a traditional Seder plate and readings followed by a meal.  It was a unique evening and I was honoured to be a part of the meal prep team. (I'll do a post on that one soon;) 
Then, Good Friday, our church hosted it's annual breakfast and 'Art Walk' where an intimate and meaningful atmosphere is created to help us all interpret what the cross means to us.  The Art Walk was beautiful, with so many expressions of love for Christ. The men prepared the breakfast and it was wonderful!  Both of our brothers came out to join in the festivities.  There was a short service after the Art Walk and then communion.  On Friday evening we headed over to hubby's Moms house for a family get together.  The kids had a great time hanging out with their cousins. 
On Easter Weekend Saturday, it was warm and gorgeous here so we did yard work all day!  My brother came over and lent a much needed hand and we got huge amounts of work done!  Saturday evening Rob and I took the kids to my parents and headed out on a double date with some friends. 
Sunday morning we headed over to a neighboring church to see our nephew be baptised.  It was so special to see him make this decision to publicly declare his love and obedience to God.  It was especially meaningful to me as I was baptised on an Easter Sunday when I was younger.  Sunday afternoon we headed over to my parents for an Easter celebration!  We were originally going to be joined by several family members, but in the end it was just our family.  Mom prepared a lovely meal, we pigged out on strawberry shortcake and paska, the kids did their Easter egg hunt, and, AND....we watched the hockey game!  It's play off season here folks and hockey is the name of the game! 
Easter Monday the kids were off, but Rob had to work, we just had a relaxed day here and, as per usual, Uncle Ken joined us for supper.
'Oooohhhh....the good ol' hockey game...'
Paska, sans icing & sprinkles....good thing I only make this stuff once a year!  I have such a weakness for paska....

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  1. our church didn't do a passover meal this year; we really missed it. the art walk sounds fascinating.


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