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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Our girls are so proud of their daddy! Being a farmer, Rob doesn't get too many days off. Yes, sometimes during the year his days are more laid back than others, but for the most part he works a lot. He does technically get a day off here and there during the month, but he usually ends up having to head over to the farm to fix a problem or just check on the birds. He sleeps better if he knows his 'chicks' are happy! Well, today Rob headed over to the girls' school in lieu of one of those precious days off. Our school is so family focused. All you have to do to feel like you're a part of the school is to volunteer every once in a while. Our families raised the money for a beautiful new addition to the playground. The school decided to ask the families to do the work to save on cost, so in true barn-raising fashion, they organized a one day construction date to get this playground up and ready! It's really great to see that if everyone works together something that would normally take a long time and a lot of money can be done so quickly and efficiently! Livi is in grade 4 at King Traditional, and Abby is registered for kindergarten starting in Sept. The weather was phenomenal ( 16 (C)+ degrees under blue skies) and there was plenty of help. Rob was at the school from 8:30 until almost 6pm. The kids and I popped in during the afternoon to see the progress and visit a little. There were trucks and trailers, a cement mixer, a bobcat, and lots and lots of hard working daddies! I sent Rob along with a bucket of cookies and muffins to share, and there was a bbq and pizza for all the workers. It must have been tough for all these guys to give up their weekend (many plan to go back on Sunday to finish). The weather is so beautiful and the Olympics are in full swing here, but these dedicated parents took time to do this for our children. Like Rob said, all his kids will benefit from this playground so he didn't mind helping out. Most importantly, our kids were shown just one more way how much their daddy loves them!


  1. Great pics Andy! And Rob... you're the man!

  2. That is awesome Andrea! Our school did something similar the year before Sam started Kindergarten. It's an awesome way to connect with other families at the school. Good job Rob!


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