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Monday, February 8, 2010

Olympic History...

and we're a part of it! Yesterday evening the Olympic Torch came through our city of Abbotsford, British Columbia. The torch is nearly home to Vancouver where it will start the 2010 Winter Olympics! Abbotsford is about 1 hour east of Vancouver. Last night we all dressed in our patriotic reds and whites and bundled up the crew to head down to the stadium. We met up with friends and headed to the festivities. I heard today that there were approx. 20,000 people there with us! There was some great entertainment and lots of community spirit as we awaited the torch. The torch came through right around 7pm and it was so amazing to see!

I'm not the most patriotic person, but neither am I the least! I was saddened to hear so many negative comments from people about how much money this is costing and how it could be better used. I agree to a certain extent. I think that the Olympics have become so much more about'things' other than the actual Olympics. It seems as though obscene amounts of money are spent on things that I really question the 'need' for. BUT, is this something I can change? Not really. I question people who so quickly jump on the soapbox about big issues like these. Anybody can complain about money being wasted these days..but are they choosing to live a lifestyle that reflects this in their own small world? Is staying home and watching the superbowl in lieu of supporting the Olympics really making a difference in the world? I don't think so. (Don't get me wrong...there's nothing wrong with watching the superbowl ) Rob and I chose to see it as an opportunity, first and foremost, to spend quality time as a family, teaching our kids about appreciation of sport, community spirit, and history. What a great experience for us all. Sure, traffic was a nightmare, there were grouchy people to be found, but shining over all, was spirit for our country! Okay, now I'll get off MY soapbox! There are so many things of this world that can get us down and discouraged. So many issues and problems that are beyond our control, but God clearly tells us in the Bible that these times are upon us. My outlook needs to reflect my faith in a God who is bigger than all of this. A God that gives peace to those who seek Him. A God that calls us to support our country.
I won't be at any Olympic Events (can't afford em') I won't be glued to the T.V. watching em' (don't have cable) But I will choose to have fun and enjoy all the community and country spirit! Go Team Canada!!!


  1. great pictures Andrea!

    I've heard that after the games, with the money people spend here, there shouldn't be too big of a bill left over. but regardless, this is such an important event for our country; seeing the torch yesterday, it actually got me all teary *sniff*

  2. I totally agree with your assessment Andrea. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our families and I am choosing to ignore the negative comments a lot of people make and take in the atmosphere of joy that the Olympics will bring.


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