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Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Fever ...

Yesterday was such an exciting and great day! We live only 1 hour away from Vancouver where the 2010 Winter (and I use the term 'Winter' lightly) Olympics are in full swing! We made plans with friends, loaded up the car and away we went. It only took us 45 minutes to get into downtown Vancouver (this is unheard of on a regular day in Vancouver). We found all day parking in a parkade downtown for $6 and we were on our way! Upon the advice of friends, we chose 1 pavilion to focus on and then spent the rest of the day taking in the sights. We chose to go to the BC pavilion. It was located in the Vancouver Art Gallery and was a great experience! There were 4 floors of unique and interesting things to see, including an interactive floor where the kids got to see the latest in 4D movie and touch screen interactive technology. I was amazed at how organized the events were, and how friendly and informative all the staff and volunteers around Vancouver were. We walked down to the waterfront to see the outdoor cauldron, then up to Robson Square to take in the hub of the party. We watched lots of local street talent, watched hockey on the outdoor CTV televisions, and saw the Olympic mascots do an ice show on the outdoor ice rink. The weather was gorgeous! It's hard to believe it's still technically winter here. As you can see in the pictures the cherry trees are in full blossom! The kids traded in coins at the Royal Canadian Mint to get Olympic issued currency. The kids did great and we made some great memories! Go Canada Go!


  1. glad you had such a great time. i've heard from friends more than once on how going wasn't any fun, too many people, too many lines. i've loved it each time we've gone. would love to sneak in one more trip!

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