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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gone Fishin'...

The kids have been bugging Rob 'forever' to take them fishing.  Rob enjoys fishing, but it was an activity he only did with his Dad, and since his Dad passed away he just hasn't had the heart to do it again. 
A couple of weeks ago it was a Monday evening and Uncle Ken was over.  The kids were bugging him to fish in the pond and he said, 'ok, let's do it'.  So, the boys grabbed the fishing gear out of the storage room and went out to the pond.  They were all shocked when they actually caught a trout!  He was just a little guy, and we put him back in, but the kids were thrilled.  It was fun to sit up on the patio and watch and listen to them having fun together. 

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  1. dinner! lol. Jim should take Rob out to the river; now that's some fun fishing :)


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