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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I still smell like garlic...

Well, I posted about this last year, but here we are again!  I reminded/nagged Christa earlier in the summer, that I definitely wanted to make salsa with her again this year.  This weekend we put Saturday aside and made salsa. All. Day.  Phew, it was a long day, but we have lots to show for it!  We each made 35(ish) jars of salsa to show for it!  Christa was on veggie/spice duty, and I was on tomato duty.  It was a 'fruitful' day in many ways.

I almost cried when my hubby brought me 2 huge buckets of plums home yesterday.  Guess I know what I"ll be doing this weekend...

The peelings....


  1. you smell of garlic, I smell of cinnamon lol. when do we get samples?

  2. next Tuesday apparently! Altho...I'd rather smell like cinnamon than garlic. Garlic keeps vampires away...


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