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Monday, September 26, 2011

Give her wings and she'll fly...

For Abby's birthday (back in March) her Uncle Ken gave her a gift certificate for a flight with him.  Olivia's been up a couple of times but this was Abby's first time!  Abby was SO excited!  She didn't let Uncle Ken forget.  Every Monday Abby would tell him...'don't forget my flight, Uncle Ken'.  Well, Uncle Ken is pretty cool, and he came through with his promise a few weeks ago.  We took advantage of a beautiful summer day and they took to the skies.  It's always a weird feeling when the kids go up in the plane...I always have this fleeting thought that this is dangerous and risky.  The reality is, Ken is an amazing pilot and we trust him completely.  My fear is purely a 'mommy' thing.
They had a great flight and we took the time to walk aroundt the airport and enjoy the evening.  There are some beautiful old buildings there and I love taking pictures of them.  Here's a few snapshots of the evening:

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  1. So glad that you wait until these scary activities are done before you let Grandma know! Way to go Abs - You look right at home in the co-pilot seat. Love, Grams


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