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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sold out....

Sold the last of my advent calendars!  I love these advent calendars, and I trust the families they've gone to will too!  I sold one last year, gifted one last year, and have sold 3 more this past month.  That's it, I'm out!  The good news:  I've found all the supplies on sale in the past couple of weeks and have stocked up to make more for next year.
(Go here and click on the calendar link if you're looking for the original post with the directions I used to make these)


  1. I love mine!! The kids love it too...I put 4 swedish berries (the candies) in each one for each of the kids!!

  2. I need to buy one from you for next year... they are so beautiful. Let me know when you're done making them and I'll buy one right away.

  3. Mine is awesome! The kids helped me put candies in a few (one for each of them so you have to find candies small enough to fit four inside) and some have activities in them that we do as a family (going to look at Christmas lights, baking cookies, doing the Church family skate, etc.)!!! Such a great tradition.

  4. I didn't get any decorating done until a few days ago - except for putting my advent calendar up! My kids love it. I just put activities in it and they love looking to see what we're going to do that day.

  5. Your gifted girl! But I too want one of these!!!


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