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Friday, October 15, 2010

Lucky me...

I was happily surprised to receive this lovely table runner as a hostess gift previously this summer.  Whatever happened to the art of the hostess gift anyway?  I used to love to show up to peoples homes with flowers, or wine or whatever.  The odd time I still do, but it really seems like a lost art.  My 'Chilliwack' besties (aka Ladies who Lunch) keep this art alive!  They are so thoughtful and generous!
My sweetheart of a friend, Rhonda, made me this lovely gift.  It's all quilted and done in colours that fit right into the house.  Fortunately it's the perfect size for my antique stove. It's a reminder of the gift of friendship.  Thanks're one of the most generous people I know.


  1. Thank you Andrea. I agree, the art of hostess gifts is turning into a lost one. With that being said, I except a bottle of wine next visit ;)

    I truly treasure your friendship; you've made my life a happier more blessed one.

  2. Very nice Andrea. And maybe we'll have to revive that art too. I like receiving gifts just as much as I love giving them!!

  3. I agree... it's beautiful, the table runner, and the friendships!


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