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Monday, October 4, 2010


We decided earlier this year that Isaac was more than ready for a sandbox.  He loves to play outside, and especially in the dirt.  His birthday was back in June and we decided it would be the perfect b-day gift, but it wasn't until August that we had the time to do this project.  Rob was really excited about doing this for Isaac and he put a lot of time and thought into the project.  Once we were back from holidays we got to work.  First decision was where to put it.  I wanted it to be in the front yard so I could keep track of him easily. There just didn't seem to be a great spot for it.  So, after staring at the yard for awhile we talked about removing an overgrown, dying shrub that was really just taking up wasted space.  Talking turned to doing and before we knew it we were well on our way to a sandbox.  Isaac watched with wonder as Rob took the next few days to build it.  Rob had his plans all in his head and I just supplied extra hands and cold drinks and snacks....and took pictures, of course.  Isaac is loving his new 'sand-a-box' as he calls it.  I can't seem to drag him out of's all he wants to do now!  Thanks Rob for taking the time to do this, you've made your little boy so happy!

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  1. That looks awesome!! Way to go Rob, Isaac looks ready for some heavy duty machinery...CAT!!!


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