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Thursday, October 14, 2010


by airplanes!  Our little man Isaac is growing so fast.  He's all about the 'terrible' twos these days.  Although I prefer the term 'typcial' twos a little more.  He's not terrible, but he sure is giving me a run for my money!  He's managed to break more dishes than I can afford to replace, color on everything but paper, lock me out of the house, and...oh, the list goes on.  But, amongst these crazy moments we have wonderful times my little man and me.  It's the first time it's just him and I alone each morning.  We have fun...usually outside....watching airplanes!  Isaac is obsessed with anything airplanes.  We thought it would be tractors, since Daddy is a farmer, but nope, it's airplanes.  Oh, don't be mistaken, Isaac is all about trucks and tractors, but he LOVES airplanes.  There are two things that contribute to his obsession: 
1.  His adoring love for his Uncle Ken, who happens to be an airshow announcer and a pilot. Isaac and Ken have a wonderful bond.
2.  His bedroom that's wallpapered with vintage aiplanes.  (This room just happens to be the room that Uncle Ken grew up in...original wallpaper:)
If we're in the house then he's saying 'shissen mommy, shissen' (listen, mommy, listen)  He expects me to drop whatever I'm doing so we can listen for an airplane far off in the skies.  He is so attuned to the sound of an airplane it's unbelievable! 
If we're outside then his eyes are in the skies and he's waving and yelling, 'hi unca Ken, hi'  It really is amazing.  This evening I was working in the kitchen and he was so quiet.  I looked over and saw him laying on the floor.  What's that book he's reading you ask?  Why, it's the 2010 Abbotsford Airshow official program.  He reads it everyday.  He flips to the page with his uncle ken's picture, then over to the page with his favorite:  'mannos'.  'Mannos' is code for Snowbirds, our beautiful Canadian Air Force Squadron.  It will be interesting to see where this love of his takes him.  I find it fascinating that he is already expressing such an interest at this age.

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