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Monday, August 9, 2010

My creative kiddo...

Livi is such a sweetie pie.  She's so thoughtful.  Always trying to think of gifts for others.  If she knows someone's coming over (which is, like, every day around here) then she immediately goes through her craft box and makes them a card or something else creative.  Livi wanted to make something special for our Japanese students before they left.  We had already given them a basket of goodies all representing Canada, but she wanted to do her own thing.  She asked for some specific felt colours so we went to the craft store and bought them....and this is what she came up with!  I was so impressed!!!  They were the cutest little pillows that our students were able to tuck in their suitcases to take home.  It makes me dream of days ahead when her and I could maybe quilt together or ???  I love this sweetheart and her creative side, but most of all I love that she's growing up with a heart for giving to others.


  1. Live, those are amazing! You should be very proud of yourself my dear!
    love, Auntie Kim :)

  2. What a sweetie... glad you can share that bond with her, she takes after a very special woman!


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